New CarPro Formulations

by Daniel @Waxit September 10, 2014

These are the new CarPro formulations updates. All now in Stock!

2014 Product Updates

CarPro Eraser - More Effective, Stronger Formulation. Colouring Reduced
CarPro Tar X - Reacts Faster than Before, slightly stronger. No Colouring
CarPro PERL - Increased Durability
CarPro Reload - Up from 4 months durability to 6 months durability. More chemically resistant
CarPro Hydro2 - Durability increased from 3 months to around 5 months.
CarPro Ceriglass - Less dusting! finishes down better on machine
CarPro Flyby30 - Increased Wiper Resistance (No more wiper problem) & Durability slightly increased
CarPro Cquartz Fabric & Leather - Durability slightly increased, new bottle & trigger design
CarPro Cquartz DLUX - High water contact angle, in turn marginally reduces break dust accumulation
CarPro Cquartz UK - Completely Upgraded, Active Ingredients changed to promote less water spotting. More Gloss, 110+ Water contact angle, Higher Durability, Better resistance to chemicals & Easier to Apply
CarPro Cquartz Finest - COLOSSAL GLOSS! Better durability & faster curing time. Lasts 2-3 Years - Approved Professional Users Only

New Products
CarPro Flash Pads - Hard foam cutting pads, very high cut, **extremely durable** - used at an OEM level on Harder Paints.
CarPro Polyshave Prep Towel - High Quality Clay Resin and is one of the cheapest on the market!


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Daniel @Waxit
Daniel @Waxit


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