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PA SUPERSPORT – Keeping Wheels Cleaner for Longer

by Daniel @Waxit April 01, 2015

We sell a variety of different wheel cleaners & brushes that can make wheel cleaning much easier. But a lot of people forget or simply don’t know that there are ways to protect wheel finishes which can help in the cleaning process & prolong the cleaning process, one of newest and most popular products is POLISHANGEL | SUPERSPORT PTFE – It is a spray sealant for wheels, that can handle high temperatures and help prolong the build up of brake dust.

Wheel coatings aren't a miracle fix , but the results are great for such a simple product. The application is easy and takes about a minute per wheel. It can be applied even to wet surfaces, so you can seal and dry your wheels at the same time. It is also very glossy, creating a great shine & luster to all wheel colours and finishes.

Here is the link to PA SUPERSPORT. 


  1. Spray onto surface or directly on cloth (Can be applied onto wet vehicle)
  2. Wipe in the product
  3. Use a second cloth to remove any residue
  4. Wait at least an 45 minutes before driving

Daniel @Waxit
Daniel @Waxit


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