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Waxit Beginners Blog - By a Beginner : Time for a Wash!

by Waxit Warehouse January 20, 2016

The whole realm of what we call “car care” is a vast, evolving array of products and techniques, which can easily leave an untrained individual dumbfounded. I know this because I too am astonished by the sheer mass of information that arises from a simple google search. Throughout my brief car care journey I have visited several retail stores, and have realised within this industry the term “best” seems to be thrown around. As a beginner it was very easy to let someone’s opinions and recommendations drive my actions. I soon found that one of my biggest issues was swirling in the paintwork; and unfortunately it was mainly due to methods that were recommended to me…

So my mission is to learn the ins and outs of the daunting trade ‘car care’, and find out which products really are the best for me and why. What products will give me the best result? What will be the safest on my paint? For you beginners out there, I want to take you on this journey with me.

One of the most common questions within this industry is: How do I wash my car properly? I used to wash my car with a bucket, sponge, PVC chamois, and a cheap wash. Whenever I cleaned the car I would notice more and more swirling on the paintwork, and it seemed my cars exterior was deteriorating rather than being maintained. I never noticed this on my previous car, but ever since having a darker coloured car, the marks were easily visible. It wasn’t till arriving at Waxit Car Care that I grew aware that my methods were doing more damage than good. Browsing through Detailing Guides and starting at Step 1: Washing, it quickly came evident to me that the products and equipment I was using were far from the best…

I was told that this was the ‘best’ setup for cleaning my car:

  • The use of a dedicated, quality Car Wash or Car Shampoo
  • Microfiber/Lamb’s wool Mitt
  • Microfiber Drying Towel
  • Washing Bucket System (wash/rinse – with grit guards)

But I wanted to put this to the test. My first wash with this new knowledge consisted of using the following products:

  • Poorboys Slick and Suds
  • Concours Cloudburst Mitt
  • Concours Tempest Drying Towel
  • 2 Buckets (1 wash + 1 rinse)

 The first thing I noticed was the slickness of the wash. Whilst cleaning the car, the mitt seemed to effortlessly glide over the paintwork. There was a lot more lubrication on the surface and it cleaned really well. The wash also seemed to rinse a lot easier off the paintwork, and there wasn’t an oily residue left behind. I felt during the process I wasn’t having to use much pressure. I know the wash must have played a critical role in this, but the Cloudburst wash mitt picked up a lot of the dirt easily. The Cloudburst mitt seemed to be more effective at actually tapping the dirt and contamination and in turn, when rinsing the mitt it all came out very easy. Once using this mitt, I could really see that the sponge I was previously using wasn’t really picking up the dirt, I was just spreading it around to agitate it.  I couldn’t really tell if I didn’t inflict anymore scratching, because the car is in a pretty bad state, but hopefully when I buy a machine polisher, I will be able to rectify these defects and bring back the gloss that was once present.

When looking at and feeling the TEMPEST Towel you know that this thing is going to struggle to scratch the car, the towel is super soft, has its own microfiber suede piping around it and is unbelievably absorbent. Being used to a PVC chamois I would constantly have to wring it out, It is absolutely AMAZING how much water this microfiber towel can soak up. It only became saturated after I had completed the car!! I didn’t have to wring it out once! Being made of the finest microfiber helps prevent any possible scratching from occurring, the fact that it was white also showed me the tiny spots where I accidently missed.

This new washing experience opened my mind to even more things that are out there, and this is just the beginning. There are different types of washes, ones that offer protection, gloss, or lots of water beading. There are foam guns alongside with foaming washes. Waxes that give you a brilliant gloss, and sealants that offer durable protection. There are buffing machines to help remove swirling and improve gloss in the paintwork. However, I’m not ready to fully understand these more advanced aspects of car care, but week by week I will further expand my car care knowledge and skills, and tackle more and more.

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