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Shine Mate - Safe, Reliable Gloss

by Daniel @Waxit July 20, 2016

Shine Mate | Dual Action Polishers

  • With all the features you would expect of a modern polisher such as soft start, automatic hold, full spectrum 6 speed adjustable torque, ergonomic design, efficient cooling for both pad and machine body and an extremely efficient speed stabilising power delivery system that ensures every single watt of energy the machine produces is translated into correction power on your panel, you can expect professional level results in quick time and minimal wear and tear on consumables such as pads.


  • Shine Mate pad designs are world class and exceptionally durable, in fact we don’t think you could find a machine currently on the market that is as gentle on pads as these. Pads are not cheap, and to get maximum performance cost ratio out of them they need to be married to a machine that without compromising it’s defect removing performance also doesn’t trade that off with a quicker consumption of pad material.


  • If you are going to undertake the 15+ hour task of a full vehicle paint correction, you are going to want to be as comfortable as possible while doing it. The shine mate’s are exceptional in this department, with balance being paramount in order to reduce user fatigue during extended hours of operation.


  • The shine mate machines are industry leaders in cost/performance ratio. The metric by which all professional detailers judge the viability of the equipment they use in order to be profitable enterprises.


  • Reliability is the cornerstone of the shine mate range, without it cost and performance would be irrelevant. For this reason shine mate machines are backed by a fix or replace 18 month warranty.

Daniel @Waxit
Daniel @Waxit


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