Whether you are a Professional Detailer, love looking after your car or just doing a favour for someone because you just can’t look at their car anymore, washing a car is where detailing really evolves from.

Some look at car washing as just cleaning off the dirt as they have forgotten the real colour of their car. For others it is a ritual where for that short time, they can shut out all other concerns and get lost in the task at hand. For a small few, it is a very controlled process where the goal is to remove the dirt and oils from the vehicle’s surface, without adding any marring and swirls to an impeccably prepared, finished and protected paint surface. So which one are y­ou? Are you a mix of all of them? Let’s take a look at what we are doing when we wash a car, what we use and try to dispel any old myths along the way. Continue Reading with our Washing Guide