Swissvax Paint Rubber Blue/Yellow

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Swissvax - Paint Rubber - Detailing Clay Blue/Yellow 


The Swissvax Paint Rubber kit uses the combination of a quick detailing fluid (Swissvax Quick Finish) and a clay compound (Swissvax Paint Rubber) to gently remove any contamination adhering to and extruding of the paintwork surface like paint overspray and industrial or environmental contaminants without harming the paintwork itself. It is being used before applying Cleaner Fluid (Regular / Medium / Strong). It's flexibility allows the perfect adaption to different shapes of surfaces (eg. rim base, back mirrors, fenders) for quick and easy paint preparation resulting in an as smooth as glass finish.

You first have to spray Quick Finish on the paint surface and then rub the Paint Rubber forth and back under light pressure. After removing any irregularities using the paint rubber you may continue with the Cleaner Fluid in order to prepare the paintwork perfectly for wax application - thorough preparation is the key for a perfect finish.

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