• Waxit Foam Cannon
  • Waxit Foam Cannon

Waxit Foam Cannon

Waxit Car Care

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A quality Foam Cannon and Washing Solution combo that will give you thick, intense foam allowing for safer and more thorough cleaning!

To learn more about the benefits of snow foam, check out our blog

Utilising Snow Foam in your wash process improves the safety, and effectiveness of your wash. Foam will soften dirt particles, and drag dirt/debris down and off the panels. Once rinsed off, all dirt and grime will be removed from the car, and any leftover stubborn contamination will be loosened and softened. This can then be simply removed through hand washing. 

The Foam Cannon is made out of brass, so not only is the performance of the unit guaranteed but the durability and resistance of the product is incredible. This is essential in the washing process as it ensures no corrosion over time due to the chemicals used breaks the lance, and hinders performance.

The Waxit Foam Cannon has an exceptional build quality and produces thick and intense foam that will cover and stick to your vehicle, making the whole washing process safer, easier, and more effective. 

Attachments are listed below, and are photographed above (2nd photo). If you are still unsure of what attachment suits you, send us a photo of your unit at info@waxit.com.au. 

Comes With:

  • NV SNOW 1L
  • Foam Lance with Tube
  • 1L Plastic Bottle
  • Joiner
  • PTFE Tape
  • Attachment of your selection (e.g. Karcher, Gerni, etc.)



  • Karcher K 
  • Gerni (Also fits the new model Nilfisk, Stihl & Husqvarna PW series pressure washers)
  • Lavor (Also fits Parkside, Sterwins, Foreman, Hitachi, Sorokin, Copokin, Hammer, Elitech and Champion)
  • Bosch AQT (Also fits the AR Blue, Ryobi, Makita and Black & Decker pressure washers) 
  • Bosch (Suited for the older Bosch pressure washers, pre 2017)
  • 1/4" Quick Release Pair
  • 1/4" Quick Release (on it's own)
  • Hitachi (Also suits Robinzon, Sturm, Taxas pressure washers) 
  • Kranzle (Also fits the BAR and some Ryobi pressure washers)
  • Nilfisk Quick Release
  • Karcher HD
  • Karcher HD Older Models (Send us a message to double check)



  • Thick, intense foam guaranteed
  • Works with any pressure washer
  • Saves water and is eco friendly
  • Improves time efficiency
  • Creates a safer and more effective washing process



  • Pressure Range: 2000psi - 5000psi
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 60 oC
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Spray Width is Adjustable
  • Construction Material: Solid Brass, resistant Nylon (known as PA material), and HDPE bottle.
  • Capacity of bottle: 1000ml(1L)