• AF Total Interior Kit

AF Total Interior Kit

WaxIt Car Care

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Completely clean, and transform your interior with this new interior kit brought to you by Auto Finesse. Clean, condition and dress your interior from top to bottom! 

The Auto FInesse Total Interior Kit has all areas of your interior covered. From general cleaning,  to cleansing and conditioning leather & fabrics - the AF Total Interior Kit encompasses all aspects of interior care. 

  • Auto Finesse TOTAL is a gentle, yet effective interior cleaner that is suitable for all interior surfaces.
  • Auto Finesse Hide Cleanser and Conditioner will allow you to cleanse, and condition all leather surfaces in your car.
  • Auto Finesse Dressle allows you to dress all aspects of the interior, making your interior surfaces look better than when it came out of the factory.
  • Auto Finesse Spritz is an interior quick detailer, which will allow you to always keep your interior looking, smelling and feeling great!

Transform your interior, and maintain it simply and effectively with the Auto Finesse Total Interior Kit!