Aquatouch Ultra Microfibre Wash Mitt



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Aquatouch - Ultra Microfibre Wash Mitt

Many synthetic sponges are made of closed cell polyurethane foam. The material is durable, but the tiny cells tend to hold onto contaminants rather than releasing them into the rinse water. The risk of damaging the paintwork is high.

Upgrade your wash sponge to the Microfibre Mitt that is much safer for your paint. The mitt is a fluffy, soft Microfibre which features open-ended fibres to form millions of tiny fingers. The fingers gently scrub the surface of your vehicle to remove contaminants, but they will never scratch. The pile is deep enough to allow loose grit to migrate into the fibres rather than be dragged across the paint surface.

Since the fibres are open-ended instead of looped, they release gritty particles into the rinse water rather than holding them within the loops. To care for your Aquatouch mitt, rinse it well after use and squeeze out excess water. Allow it to air dry. If it becomes soiled, place it in the washing machine with your other Microfibre products and use Aquatouch Microwash on a warm setting (30-60 degrees), to clean and restore your cloths, applicators and mitts.


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