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Auto Finesse Lather

Auto Finesse - AFLAT500

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An easy to use, pH neutral Car Shampoo that will make cleaning effortless. Safe to use on your wax, sealant or coating.



Lather is a pH neutral wash that will allow you to effortless maintain your vehicles wax, sealant or coating. This super foamy washing solution comes all ready to use, but can be diluted down to suit your needs - the dirtier your car, the more shampoo should be used.

The use of a snow foam before hand washing with Lather is always recommended. 



  • PH Balanced Shampoo

  • Concentrated Formula
  • Strong Cleaning Power
  • Wax/Sealant friendly
  • Luxurious Thick Foam
  • Residue-Free Rinsing


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  • Lather is suitable for a bucket wash method
  • Pour a few capfuls of the suds into the wash bucket
  • More product can be used for a more intensive wash
  • Up to a 1:2000 dilution ratio can be used. 



Collections: Auto Finesse, Car Wash, Washing

Type: Car Wash

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