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Auto Finesse Mint Rims wheel wax is a durable protective wax that can withstand high temperatures - ensuring your rims look great, and are incredibly easy to maintain. 


Auto Finesse Mint Rims Wheel Wax protects and enhances your rims with a durable synthetic wax, keeping them always in mint condition.

Mint Rims was formulated with a blend of high temperature waxes, helping you seal your wheels from hot, corrosive contaminants that can damage wheel surfaces and finishes. Mint Rims usually lasts between 2-3 months, even on performance cars with high speed braking.

It can be used on any wheel finish or type, such as painted, powder-coated, clear-coated, anodized, chromed or even bare metal.

Available in 100mL.



  • High-gloss finish, that repels damaging contaminants from wheels
  • Eases maintenance
  • Contained high-temperature resistance synthetic waxes
  • Suitable on all wheel types and finishes 


Start by cleaning the wheels with a strong dedicated wheel cleaner, like Auto Finesse imperial, making sure to remove all traces of brake dust from the wheel surface. If heavy tar or brake dust deposits persist after cleaning, use dedicated tar and iron fallout remover products like Auto Finesse ObliTARate and Iron Out to get the wheels as clean as possible. At this point, you can dry your wheels with a Microfiber Drying Towel. Mint Rims is a very forgiving product when it comes to surface preparation, but at this stage, you can also clay and polish your wheels for the best results before sealing. Mint Rims is compatible with Mercury metal polish for bare alloy wheels, and any of our signature Pre-Wax Cleansers for clear and powder coated finishes. These additional preparation steps will help to significantly increase gloss, remove unsightly scratches, and increase bonding. Once the finish has been prepped to your satisfaction, you can now use a round Foam Applicator to apply Mint Rims. A little bit goes a long way, so try to apply the product in a thin, even coat. As soon as you have applied the first coat to the entire wheel surface, you can immediately remove the residue with a short-pile Microfiber Towel. Additional coats can be layered immediately, or after you have completed the other wheels. No curing time is necessary. For maximum durability and gloss, we recommend applying 2-3 coats, though one coat will still provide your wheels with decent protection.

For regular maintenance of your protected wheels, a pH-neutral shampoo like Auto Finesse Lather should be all that is necessary. However, if heavier cleaning is needed, Citrus Power will give you the extra grime-removing power you need without degrading the finish. Avoid using strong wheel cleaners, as these will negatively affect the durability of Mint Rims.