The STEAMWAVE is a versatile, professional vacuum which utilises steam and a variety of parts and accessories to clean a variety of places. 


In the automotive industry, Steam has a variety of uses to us. The use of steam in interiors and engine bays helps break down oils and greases, much like a hot-water pressure washer. Steam has the ability to kill bacteria, uplift stains, clean mould/fungus, disintegrate dirt/grime, and deeply clean the pores of leathers and fabrics.

One of the best things about utilising steam technology for cleaning, is that you don't need to use harsh chemicals to try and clean fabrics & upholstery and even leather. You can safely loosen and remove dirt and grime that is visible, and you can also uplift contaminants that are deep within fabrics and the pores of leather - allowing for a true deep clean.

The STEAMWAVE Vacuum has an exceptional build quality, and is made in Italy along with the BAR range. It utilises only high quality metals and plastics to ensure the internal and externals of the machine fight off corrosion, degradation and cracking - in which cheaper vacuums are prone too. 

The STEAMWAVE unit will let you soar above your competition, offering a more superior service and a new level of quality.


Comes With:

  • Steam Hose
  • Terminal Hose
  • Little Brush Steam Hose
  • Terminal Steam Vacuum Hose
  • Little Brush Steam Vac Hose
  • Steam Manual Body Brush
  • Slide on for Liquids Manual Nozzle
  • Slide on Brush Manual Nozzle
  • Crevis Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Little Nozzle
  • Radiator Brush
  • Steam Extension Wand
  • Steam Body Nozzle L300
  • Slide on Brush for Floor Steam NZL
  • Slide on for Carpet Steam Nozzle
  • Armchair Steam Nozzle
  • Steam Nozzle Carpet Tool
  • Sponge Filter




  • Steam Vacuum
  • Poly Tank
  • 2.2L Boiler Capacity
  • 900 + 900 Watt Boiler Power
  • 4.5 Bar Working Pressure
  • 140 Degrees Celsius Steam Temp
  • 1250 Watt (Power of Vacuum)
  • 8L Water Tank
  • 22kg

Collections: BAR

Type: Vacuums & Extractors

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