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BigBoi BlowR PRO


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A professional grade air-blower that blows warm, filtered air to rapidly dry vehicles. 

Introducing the PRO from BigBoi. The most powerful unit of it's type, it makes drying faster, easier and a lot safer. Designed for the professional, this blower packs a punch with two 1400 watt motors that uses heated, filtered air to chase water off paintwork, metal, glass and chrome. 

The idea behind the air blowers (especially for drying) is that they greatly reduce the chance of inflicting damage to the paintwork. With using a non-contact method to dry a vehicle, you aren't wiping anything onto the paintwork. This completely removes the chance for any damage to occur during the drying stage. 

The BlowR Pro is supplied with three interchangeable nozzles to ensure air can be directed along channels and grooves. The BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) function ensures the BlowR Pro uses air heated to 20 degrees C above ambient air temperature for optimum drying and evaporation. Select from four wind speeds depending on the task at hand.


  • Touchless drying - keeps paintwork safe from scratches & swirls
  • Powerful twin motors blast water out of intricate areas
  • Dries vehicles much faster than traditional drying methods
  • Dries engines & components quickly, prevents corrosion
  • Adjustable wind control from 72km/h up to 288km/h (45mph - 179mph)
  • BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) - fixed at 20 degrees C above
  • Ambient air temperature for faster evaporation
  • Uses filtered air - safer than using a leaf blower or pet dryer
  • Safe for use on all finishes including vinyl wrapped & satin matte
  • Supplied with 3 interchangeable nozzles
  • Foam air filter included (washable & reusable)


  • 2 x 1600-watt twin motor system producing over 5HP
  • 3.5m commercial grade hose
  • Neoprene rubber hose nozzle
  • Low noise reduction twin filter system
  • EZ Change foam filter
  • Wheel-base with front pivoting wheels for manoeuvrability
  • BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) keeps air at 20 degrees Celsius higher than the surrounding environment
  • Size: 45 x 40 x 20cm
  • Weight: 3kgs