• Black Pearl 125ml/500ml Clear

Black Pearl 125ml/500ml Clear

Black Pearl

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BlackPearl is a revolutionary Tyre Dressing, that isn't really classified as a dressing. It is more of a semi-permenant tyre coating. We have been testing this product for quite some time now and get an average durability of around 3-4 months. It doesn't just enhance the tyre aesthetically in the look that you desire, it keeps the tyre extremely clean. 

The Tyre has to be completely free of all grime before putting the coating on, when the tyre is completely clean this will promote the best bonding of the coating. It is recomended to at least use Concours Tyre Clean 1-2 times, while scrubbing with a brush like the Black Pearl Tyre Brush, to make sure the rubber is perfectly clean. 

If the tyres are new, wipe them down with acetone to remove the factory cosmoline. 

Black Pearl Gloss:  This will give tyres a high gloss finish 

Black Pearl Satin: This will give tyres an enhanced, natural sheen. 

Black Pearl Clear: This is for the use on white wall tyres