Black Pearl Tyre Coating 125ml Kit

Black Pearl


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Black pearl is a revolution in tyre dressings. In fact it’s not a dressing but a semi-permanent tyre coating!  It can also be used on plastics. Black Pearl is a water polymer-based tyre dressing (silicone free, body shop safe) product that forms a semi-permanent dry-film-finish that will not drip, sling, or smear.  After months of testing here at Waxit, we are excited to announce the release of this revolutionary product, lasting up to six months in durability.

Black Pearl is Eco-friendly and does not contain solvents that may damage tires, paint finish, vinyl or plastics.

Black Pearl is not affected by rain, snow, road salt, detergents or the car wash, and will not evaporate on hot, sunny days. The finish will remain noticeably blacker and shinier than untreated tires for several months under typical driving conditions.

Available in Three Versions

  • Gloss
  • Satin (Waxit Favourite)
  • Clear

Tyre Surface Preparation:

Tyre surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of silicone oil (e.g., from other tire shine products, and mild release agents on new tires), road grime, and brake dust before applying this product to ensure proper adhesion and a desirable finish.

Clean tyres thoroughly first with Concours Tyre Clean and repeat process. 2 x cleaning is recommended to ensure maximum bare rubber and bonding of Black Pearl.

Spray the Concours Tyre Clean liberally and scrub vigorously with a soft-bristled brush getting in and around the tread line, and all of the raised lettering/numbering, etc.

A dark brown discharge indicates that silicone oil, road grime, and/or brake dust IS present, and must be removed.

Allow the cleaning product to sit on the tyres for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water with scrubbing.

Note: Be sure to rotate the tyres during cleaning to ensure that the entire tyre surfaces (i.e., including the portions initially facing the ground) are thoroughly cleaned.

Tyre surfaces are properly cleaned and ready for application when the ENTIRE tyre surfaces are wet evenly, and are darker when wet (if in doubt, allow tyres to dry, and then re-wet).

If the rinse water beads, and the tyre surface does not darken when wetted, on any part of the tire surfaces, the cleaning/scrubbing/rinsing process MUST be repeated

Allow tires to dry completely before starting.

NOTE: Failure to completely remove the oily residue from previous tire shine products, or mold release agents, will prevent Black Pearl Trim and Tire Armour (because it is water-based) from properly adhering to tire surfaces, which will cause the cured films to start flaking off once the vehicle is driven.


Directions for Use:


Apply with the included high density foam roller.

If what look like small ‘craters’ (referred to as ‘fish eye’) start forming on the film while applying product, there are residual tire shine products, or mold release agents, or surfactants, on the tyres, which should be removed. Quickly rinse product off before it starts to dry, and refer to the ‘Tire Surface Preparation’ section.

If a blacker and shinier finish is desired, apply a second coat. Wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.

If two coats are to be applied on the same day, for added convenience, the un-washed roller and tray may be stored in the refrigerator between coats for up to approximately two hours.

If this product gets on the wheel, or the body of the car, quickly wipe off with a damp paper towel, sponge, or cloth. It will not harm these types of surfaces.

Allow coatings to dry completely before using the vehicle. Dry time is approximately 30 minutes (i.e., milky appearance has totally disappeared), depending on temperature and humidity.

Do not expose a fresh coat to rain or sustained wetting, otherwise the film may temporarily revert to the milky appearance.

Driving with fresh coatings under dry conditions and/or exposing them to direct sunlight, after they have completely dried, will accelerate the final cure process.

If the coatings get damaged (e.g. scuffed on a curb), clean the damaged portions with a damp nylon dishwashing scrub pad. Use the abrasive side to remove any loose flakes of coating that are still sticking to the tire surface. Once the surface is clean and dry, apply a fresh coat of product to the damaged portion.

Clean fully cured coatings with Concours Tyre Clean, and a sponge or soft cloth, and rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or garden hose.

A fresh coat may be applied directly over an existing film that is clean and dry. No additional surface preparation is required.


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