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CarPro - FlashPad Foam Cutting Pad 75/135/160mm

The Flash Pad is an innovative pad that is designed to remove defects fast and easily. It also produces a very fine finish for a cutting pad.

The CarPro Flash Pad is a cutting pad that was first introduced as an OEM pad for vehicle manufacturers in Europe. It utilizes closed-cell foam technology and has proven itself to remove heavy defects from hard European paints.

Since then, the Flash Pad has been redesigned and improved, making it a quality cutting pad for all paint systems. It has been specifically engineered alongside the new revolutionary CarPro Clearcut to create a cutting combination that removes defects extremely quickly and to a very high level.

The beveled profile of this pad provides less overlap on the backing plate and allows you to get into areas not previously accessible. This durable pad not only cuts extremely well but finishes fine also.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, and heavy cutting ability
  • Can finish down very well
  • Very durable
  • Works on all paint systems, with a variety of compounds

Recommended Compounds: