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Specially designed sanding blocks that aid in the improvement of removing random isolated scratches that can't be removed from compounding alone.

CarPro R.I.D STIX have been designed by CarPro in conjunction with a variety of professional detailers to produce a product that improves efficiency, profitability and comfort for the daily challenges automotive detailers can be faced with. 

Designed to be used with sand paper, these ergonomic tools maximise the contact between the sanding block and the vehicle panel to ensure a more consistent and even sanding mark that can be removed quickly, easily and efficienctly!

The bevels on the top side of the block allow the technician to sand more easily and closer to a panel edge without digging into the panel edge or going over the panel edge.  The flat side of the block allows the technician to sand a RID that is in a more open, flat area of a panel. 

It is always best to sand in a 45 degree motion over the RID rather than to sand in a parallel motion (same direction) as the RID.



  • (2 Pieces) White Foam Hard Blocks
  • (2 Pieces) Black Foam Soft Blocks


When using the R.I.D.STIX to wet sand, wrap a piece of your favourite sand paper around the block, lightly spritz water on the surface to, and the wrapped piece of sand paper, and then begin sanding.  Depending on how long a technician is sanding the effected area, it is recommended to lightly spritz water on the surface being sanded every 4 - 7 passes to keep the surface lubricated and the paper from getting clogged with clear coat residue.