CarPro Wool Ring Heavy Cutting Pad 155mm



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This pad is a revolutionary design using Japanese Technology. Utilising a very low pile wool allows quick cutting without the heavy marring of longer pile and twisted wool pads. The short pile also gives the pad a lot of slip, meaning the pad glides over the surface as you should use minimal pressure when using wool to manage heat generation. 


  • Short Pile Wool
  • Heavy Cutting
  • Low to no marring
  • Designed for use on Rotary, Forced Rotation (FLEX XC3401VRG) and Random Orbital (Shinemate Machines)
  • Low Level Heat production, safe for bumpers, aluminium panels and heavy compounding
  • Tapered foam interface allows for contouring over curved and raised panels
  • The center hole prevents the common build up of product at the centre of the pad reducing the possibility of marring
  • Perfect for removing swirls, oxidization and heavy scratches on everything from fresh to hard ceramic paint. 

Due to the tapered design, it is perfect to use with 5inch (Flex XC3401VRG) or 5' Backing plates. The tapered edge will also allow you to access area your couldn't normally get to with other pads 

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