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Concours NOVA Si 30ml

Waxit Car Care

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Concours NOVA SI is a silica based paint coating that creates a measurable, sacrificial layer on the paintwork. This layer will harden and create a surface that is unbelievably slick & hydrophobic. It is a new style of coating technology that allows us to push the boundaries of gloss, slickness & water behaviour without compromising chemical resistance & durability. It has a different surface structure to any coating on the market, providing less friction when washing your vehicle, decreasing the chances of swirling & marring.

The innovative coating NOVA Si displays groundbreaking hydrophobicity, illustrated by its incredible water beading and sheeting behavior. It' unbelievable hydrophobic capabilities can be accredited to its molecular structure. The coating creates a surface that is negative in charge. As water itself has a negative charge, NOVA Si is able to repel water effortlessly, shown through immense water beading like no other coating on the market. The surface keeps the vehicle incredibly clean & makes maintenance so easy.

This coating is not just a protective solution for daily drivers, it is an aesthetic upgrade to your vehicles appearance. The coating creates a reflective layer that creates a richer & brighter colour while bringing out the pearls through the paintwork. Even in the early stages of development it has been used on show cars for ‘Concours’ events due to its fantastic ‘glossing’ properties.

The coating will realistically last around 18-24 months on a daily driver and will help prevent etching from sap and bird droppings as well as help reduce the infliction of scratching onto the paintwork.

To transcend & maintain the coating shedding water at its epic level please maintain the coating with Concours NOVA JET.





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