Concours PA Foam Lance



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Concours - PA Foam Lance - For High Pressure Cleaner

This professional grade foam lance is brought in from PA in Italy and is made from solid brass components. Be aware of cheaper Chinese imitations, this is the original and the best.

We have chosen a specific jet size to suit domestic and semi professional Higher Pressure Washing Units to maximise the foam generation.

Why use a foam lance?

Using a foam lance with a dedicated foaming wash solution when applied to the vehicle, will soften the solid dirt particles on the paint's surface. A dedicated foaming wash, such as Blizzard Foaming Wash, has been designed to have a high cling rate. The higher the cling rate, the slower the foam will drag down the panels, while bringing with it as much dirt as it can and softening any residue. Once this is rinsed off, if you choose to further wash your car you will not be washing off dirt particles only road film which will minimize any scratching in the washing routine.
•   Fill the bottle 20% with Concours SNOW / SNOW+  Foaming Wash, DP Extreme Foam or your favourite car wash or foaming wash
•   Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water for best results, and attach the bottle to the foam lance.
•   Connect the foam lance to the pressure washer using the correct supplied fitting. If there is a leak at all, apply a teflon tape to the tread and tighten.
•   Turn the Black dial to the negative sign to allow for maximum foam output. This can be adjusted to suit the amount of foam you require once the pressure washer is on.
•   Turn the black nozzle at the front of the foam gun to full open as to have the widest spray of foam.
•   Turn on your pressure washer and foam the vehicle.
•   Allow the foam to sit on the vehicle, slowly softening any dirt deposits and gently dragging them
from the surface.
•   Rinse the foam with a medium jet width, starting from the bottom of the vehicle in straight horizontal lines, working up.

Please be sure to add the make and if possible the model of your pressure washer to the comments sections when you checkout so we can add the correct fitting attachment to your Concours PA Foam Lance to suit your pressure washer.

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