• Concours PYRO | Wheel Spray Coating

Concours PYRO | Wheel Spray Coating

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Introducing Concours PYRO, a new innovative wheel coating that will darken and gloss up any wheel finish - whilst providing resistant and durable protection. 


Concours PYRO is a new spray coating that has been infused with the same ingredients as the NOVA coating range. Its chemical formulation has been skewed to offer greater resistance and protection, being able to withstand hotter temperatures and withstand great chemical degradation. 

The wheel environment is volatile. Temperatures within the barrel can reach well above 100 degrees, whilst brake dust and iron particles are being thrown at the rims. These contaminants often bake on and etch into the wheel catalysed by this extreme heat. 

PYRO can withstand this. It can protect temperatures up to 500 degrees celsius, whilst encasing your rims in a layer of glass - repelling those iron and graphite contaminants commonly found in wheel environments. This causes washing to become effortless, and your wheels will stay cleaner for longer.

Not to mention, PYRO will also gloss up and darken your wheel finishes. Simplify wheel maintenance with a simple spray on, wipe off application. 



  • Extreme temperature resistance 
  • Resistance to chemical contaminant's
  • Darkens and slightly glosses up wheel finishes
  • Simple and easy to use



  • Firstly start by ensuring the wheel is completely clean, and rid of all contaminants. Utilise a chemical cleaner such as Concours PURGE to aid this process.
  • Once the wheel is completely clean, you can start to spray PYRO onto the surface of the wheel (or applicator/microfiber).
  • Start to wipe the product into the wheel, covering all areas of the wheel you wish to coat.
  • Once PYRO has been applied, use another microfiber towel to lightly wipe off any residue, and level the coating onto the wheel.