Concours Wash - CRYSTAL: Enhancing Shampoo 250ml/1lt

Concours Car Care


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-          Washes & Protects

-          Fortified with High Tech CrystalSeal ingredients

-          Immense Gloss for a Simple Wash n Wax Style Product

-          Durability of 2 months

-          High Dirt & Water Repelling Properties

-          Easy Application

-          1 Litre Size includes a FREE Foaming Trigger!

We wanted to create a product for people who just want to wash & protect their car quickly, it had to be strong & durable enough to be able to protect the vehicle by itself, but also be able to bond on top of other waxes, sealants & coatings as a maintenance step. This is not like your conventional wash & wax, the durability, gloss & repelling abilities of the Concours CRYSTAL Wash will amaze you.

It has been developed so it has enough cleaners to provide adequate cleaning, but exceptional sealing properties that can be used on all exterior parts of the vehicle. Paint, Wheels, Glass, Exterior & Trims, you don’t even have to dilute this product in a bucket, just spray directly onto the surface or pour into mitt and wash normally. After washing a panel you rinse of the product immediately, when rinsing this is when the magic happens. The physical shock of the water helps the sealant react, this means it works better with a high pressure jet by hose or with the use of a pressure washer.

Concours CRYSTAL Wash is the perfect product to use to maintain & extend the life of your wax, polymer based, ceramic or glass based coated layer.WARNING: Do not use on a hot surface

  1.  Make sure the application section is wet & cool
  2.  For the first section, prime the mitt with a few sprays of

The Crystal Wash (or pour directly on the mitt if you have the 250ml size)

  1.  Spray directly onto the surface & wash the car normally (Or pour again on the mitt)
  2.  Hose off immediately after finishing washing the area

(Use high pressure hose setting or pressure washer for best results)

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