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Detail Guardz Dirtlock Wash Bucket Insert

Lock away the dirt, and make your hand-washing much safer and more effective with Detail Guardz!

The new Detail Guardz Dirtlock Turbine Grit Guard system is the best way to ensure your wash is as safe as possible. The innovative design uses a turbine-shape induction system, which utilizes the motion of your hand to lock away the dirt.

Once you rub your wash mitt against the Dirtlock turbine, the water is dramatically sped up, and cycled through hundreds of tapered venturi funnels. This shoots the debris underneath and ensures your wash mitt can never come into contact with the dirt & contamination.

The screen makes sure that no dirt & contamination can re-enter, and if any small particles make it through, they are pushed back down to the bottom of the bucket. Whenever you pump your hand into the bucket, you are constantly cycling dirt underneath the screen, and replenishing clean & reusable water!

Available now in our Detail Guardz Dirtlock Wash System!


  • Turbine Design speeds up debris, rushing it to the bottom of the bucket
  • Venturi funnels squeeze water and debris underneath the screen
  • Flexible rubber tabs allow for the perfect fit in nearly any round bucket
  • Fresh water return troughs allow only clean water to pass above
  • Chemical & crush resistant
  • Automatically cleans your wash mitt and tools when you dunk your glove in the bucket
  • Rinse & re-use
  • 27cm in Diameter