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DP Engine Degreaser

Detailer's Pro Series - DP600

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Detailer's Pro Series Engine Degreaser is based on remarkable cleaning technology that's used to clean up oil spills in the ocean because of its ability to break up oil and encapsulate it. This same technology powers through layers of grime on engine components to uncover a factory-new looking engine.

The engine compartment is the last place many drivers clean, but it is important to the beauty and performance of a vehicle. For example, think of how difficult it is to find an oil leak if the entire engine compartment is covered in grease. Many engine problems are just easier to diagnose and repair when the mechanic can locate the problem on a clean engine.And regular cleaning will make regular, do-it-yourself maintenance much less messy.

Detailer's Pro Series Engine Degreaser is not what you'd expect from an engine degreaser. It has no harsh fumes and it is nontoxic, biodegradable, and safe on any hard, non-textile surface.We've replaced the butyl, butyl ethers, and acid with safe, nonirritating cleaners.


Note: If you have bright polished aluminum under the hood, take care not to leave Detailer's Pro Series Engine Degreaser on the aluminum for more than a few seconds as it may spot. It is best to remove these before you clean the rest of the engine. Before cleaning your engine, always cover areas that should not get wet.

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