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DP Final Gloss Quick Detailer

Detailer's Pro Series - DP368

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Now McKees ( Same supplier new brand launch ) High Gloss Detail Spray.

Upgraded product 473mL

DP Final Gloss  -  Quick Detailer is a last touch spray containing a proprietary blend of carnauba wax, oils, and polymers that amplifies the gloss of any wax or sealant. Use it after washing or any time to refresh the existing paint protection with more protection, clearer reflections, and more impressive gloss.

Detailer's Pro Series Final Gloss Quick Detailer reinvigorates existing wax by enriching it with oils. Nourishing oils hydrate the paint for a smoother texture and more vibrant shine, and they lubricate light contamination to prevent scratching. Wipe away light dust, fingerprints, oily smudges, and more safely. Meanwhile, the carnauba, oils, and polymers will restore the just-waxed shine.

Use Detailer's Pro Series Final Gloss Quick Detailer on:

  • paint
  • clear coats
  • glass
  • chrome
  • plastics
  • Plexiglas
  • fiberglass

The secret to this quick detailer's success is the proprietary polymers and their interaction with the carnauba wax. These molecules intertwine to create a clear, reflective coating over the paint that both energizes the existing wax and bonds for increased paint protection.

Use Detailer's Pro Series Final Gloss Quick Detailer over waxes and sealants with equal success.The carnauba quick detail spray is compatible with both types of paint protection. Use it after washing or any time to enhance your vehicle’s shine. For the best results, always use a plush Aquatouch microfiber towel.

Create a freshly-waxed gloss with Detailer's Pro Series Final Gloss Quick Detailer. This refined combination of carnauba wax, polymers, and oils enhances the shine of existing paint protection with a final touch of gloss.

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