DP High Performance Glass Restorer 473/946ml

Detailer's Pro Series


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Detailer's Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer is a gentle glass polish that safely restores clarity to windshields and windows. It's the ultimate solution to water spots and cloudy glass. Use Detailer's Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer on auto glass, shower doors, and household doors and windows. 

Water spots are created when drops of water evaporates off the surface of your vehicle. All water contains minerals, including iron and calcium, and sometimes salt. Rain water contains all these things plus pollution. When the drop evaporates, these trace elements are left on your vehicle to etch the outline of the drop. They are the reason that water spots are permanent even though water is not. Because the spots are often etched into glass, cleaners cannot remove them.

Detailer's Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer removes mild etched water spots from glass and restores perfect clarity. The unsightly cloud of water spots that exists on the windshield out of the wipers range can be removed! Detailer's Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer can also be used to remove water spots, sap, bug splatter, and films from chrome and windows. This citrus-based cleaner can safely loosen sticky contaminants so they wipe off easily. Your windshield will be restored to its original clarity.

The thick cream safely pulls contaminants out of the glass, removes mineral deposits, and then smoothes out mildly etched glass until it is crystal clear. Detailer's Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer safely restores the glass in the same way jewelers rouge polishes precious metals. Your vehicle's windshield and windows will appear virtually invisible!



  • Detailer's Pro Series High Performance Glass Restorer can be applied by hand or with a polisher. To apply by hand, pour a nickel size amount onto the orange side of the  Lake Country CCS Orange Hand Applicators.
  • Rub the product onto the glass in overlapping circular motions. Allow a haze to form. Buff the glass with a microfiber towel.
  • To apply by machine, use a polishing pad on a variable speed polisher. We recommend using a Concours 900 Polisher  because cutting is not needed to gently polish the glass.
  • Work the polish into the glass at a low speed (no more than speed 3) using minimal pressure. When the polish starts to dry, turn the machine off and lift it off the glass.
  • Use an Aquatouch microfiber cloth to wipe away the haze and buff the glass to a shine.

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