DP Total Interior Cleaner 473mL

Detailer's Pro Series


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McKees( Same Supplier)

Professional detailers select products based on effectiveness and efficiency. They have to be able to achieve the desired results without spending a lot of time on one task. When formulating the interior cleaner for Detailer's Pro Series, we discovered we could combine several cleaners into one by eliminating potentially damaging solvents and replacing them with surfactants. These surfactants work better and are much safer on all interior surfaces so detailers can clean faster and smarter.

Detailer's Pro Series Total Interior Cleaner cleans:
  • plastics
  • vinyl
  • leather
  • carpet
  • upholstery

Detailer's Pro Series Total Interior Cleaner removes stains and spills from fabric and cleans body oils out of fine leather seats without drying. Clear plastic will wipe clean without any residue. Detailer's Pro Series Total Interior Cleaner removes old dressings from plastic and vinyl without depositing any film.

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