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Dura Gloss 221 Leather Conditioner

Duragloss - DG221

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Duragloss - 221 Leather Conditioner - 236ml


Duragloss Leather Conditioner contains a blend of mink oil and lanolin that penetrates and softens leather. Duragloss LC gives a natural, non-greasy treatment to both new and older leather. A special fragrance enhances the aroma of leather.

Duragloss Leather Conditioner naturally enhances the appearance of leather by rejuvenating the fibers with mink oil and lanolin. Mink oil has been used for centuries to treat and preserve leather because it is a natural moisturizer. Combined with lanolin, a key ingredient in many face lotions, mink oil nourishes leather deep down to restore its supple feel and luxurious appearance.

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