Hand Polish: Stage 1 - Polish & Seal

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Stage 1: Simple Polish

Like all Stage 1 Kits there is a emphasis on learning and education, in this Stage 1 kit, it is no different. Polishing is the most misunderstood term in the detailing industry here in Australia. Yes, a polish can help clean and prepare the surface and in turn make your car look more glossy. However, what really brings out the shine in your paintwork is the removal of scrathes. Paint Preperation is key 

What is in the kit?

- Poorboys Polish with Sealant 473ml
- Lake Country White Hand Applicator
- Aquatouch Super Soft Cloth Gold

In this kit we have decided to go with Poorboy's Polish with Sealant, this is a great introductory product for people wanting to learn about the Poorboy's range. High Quality doesn't always mean a high price! Poorboy's products are all about simplicity and value. No need for fancy packaging or obscene marketing. Poorboy's tells it how it is. Poorboy's Polish with Sealant has slight abrasives to help start to mend your paintwork and remove that dull, chalky look that paint might get overtime. 

Apply after washing and for best results, after claying and decontaminating the paintwork
1. Apply a small ammount of Poorboys Polish and Sealant to the Lake Country Applicator
2. Work into paintwork with a medium pressure. 
3. Buff off with gold supersoft and enjoy the shine!

I want more shine! I have the time but I still want good value!
If this is the case you want to move forward to Stage 2 or 3. By Removing scrathces this will take your paint's shine to a new level. Don't worry! it is completely safe on all paints! if you are working on a older, single stage paint and want advice just give us a call, we are happy to help and find the right system for you!

Click Here For Stage 2 / Stage 3

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