Hand Polish: Stage 3 - Restoration

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Stage 3 - Restoration 

What is in the kit?

- Scholl Concepts S3 Gold 250ml
- Scholl Concepts S30+ 250ml
- Scholl Concepts White Course Paint Puck
- Scholl Concepts Black Fine Paint Puck
- Aquatouch Supersoft Microfibre Cloth Green
- Aquatouch Supersoft Microfibre Cloth Gold

Why use Scholl Concepts Polishes & Compounds?

Scholl Concepts has been orginally renown in creating flawless paint correction systems in the OEM market. They produce systems for Audi, Toyota, Ford, Renault, Mercedes Benz, Kia, Smart, Opel, Lamborghini, Porsche, Volkswagon and more!
They have now brought their OEM knowledge and experience into the enthusiast market, introducing new IPT nano technology to help you restore your paintwork and even take the shine to a new level!

2 Step Hand Polish
By Using Scholl Concepts S3 Gold with the White Foam Paint Puck you will be able to remove more aggresive scratches, swirls and marring than Stage 1. When you remove scratches and correct the surface, this will allow light to reflect off the surface consistently making your paintwork look like brand new and shine! Now to bring up the gloss. This is when we use a finishing polish like Scholl Concepts S30+ this will perfectly compliment your newly corrected surface and bring out the shine further than Stage 2. 

Removing Paint Transfers 
S3 Gold is a cutting compound, which means that not only it can remove scratches from your paint, but also defects on top of the paintwork like paint transfers. Check out this picture and see how we fixed this by hand. 

Restore Headlights? No Problem
Same Process as if you were polishing paint, just on your plastics!

Where do I go now?
There is only so many scrathces you can remove by hand, although these processes work perfectly they do take some time. Next Step, is Machine Polishing, our new 'Next Level' Machine Polishing kits will be out soon.

  • Apply a few medium sized (5 cent piece) drops of S3 Gold on your purple foam puck and apply directly on the panel. However, on first application apply S3 Gold generously and make sure you spread compound evenly over the puck.
  • work in small sections, start by applying the product around the area with minimal pressure.
  • after a single pass on the paintwork, start working in the product with an increased pressure. After 4 - 5 passes or when the product starts to clear up stop.
  • Wipe off the compound with the super soft cloth and inspect the paintwork.
  • Then apply S30+ with the black foam paint puck with the same techniques here.
  • Move onto the next area once the two steps are complete.

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