Lake Country HD Orbital Blue Cutting Pad 6"/7"

Lake Country


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Lake Country's High Orbit Pad Solution.

Lake Country have developed a range of pads that are made for machines with 15mm & 21mm throw. They are perfectly balanced to the bigfoot machines, meaning there will be little machine vibration & maximum control. The problem with High Orbit DA polishers is they wear out pads very quickly, from delaminating the velcro backing to disintegrating the centre of the pads, which can make utilising these machine polishing solutions frustrating. The Dual Density foam structure coupled with the hole in the centre of the machine, stops the pad from collapsing and helps disperse heat in an even manner. 

6" Pad suits a 5" Backing Plate (125mm)

7" Pad suits a 6" Backing Plate (150mm)

Lake Country HD Orbital Blue Pad. 

This Pad is made for Cutting out Medium to Heavy defects coupled with a cutting compound like Scholl Concepts S3 Gold. 


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