Lake Country - Hybrid Power Finish 5"/6.5"- Black Finishing Pad

Lake Country


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Lake Country
Hybrid Power Finish 5"/6.5" Pad
Finishing - Black Foam

Specifically Designed to suit the stresses of the Flex XC3401VRG Forced Rotation.

A colaboration between Flex USA and Lake Country brought about this pad range, with one goal in mind.. to create a pad to withstand all the Flex XC3401VRG can throw at it and deliver astonishing results all all paint types. 

The Hybrid Power Finish Range comprises of;

Hybrid Wool Cutting Pad
Orange Foam Heavy Cutting Pad
Blue Foam Light Cutting Pad
White Foam Polishing/Intermediate Pad
Black Foam Finishing Pad

The Hybrid Power Finish pads have a 45 degree tapered edge to a 6.5" base from a 5.5" velcro top, perfectly matched to fit the unique sizing of the standard Flex XC3401VRG backing plate. The dense foam used in the pad was chose along with the low profile design to allow the maximum transfer of energy from the polisher to the paint, allowing you to achieve perfect results in less time. 


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