Lake Country Hydrotech Tangerine Polishing Foam Pad 5.25'

Lake Country


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Lake Country
Hydrotech H20 Pads 5.25 inch
Tangerine Polishing Pad

Lake Country Hydrotech Tangerine Polishing Pad is perfect for the most versatile pad in the Hydrotech range. Whether you are removing deep swirls on softer paint, performing you finishing step on harder European paint or just a quick one stepper,  this pad will give you great flexibility to get the job done first time. 


The Hydrotech range are made out of a premium and long wearing European pre-polymer foam. The advantage of the this foam is to keep as much of the compound on the surface of the pad without absorbing it, making your process more efficient. Designed be used with Water based compounds (the reason for the H2O reference) for best results, you will find yourself using less compound, performing less steps in less time. These water-based compounds are predominantly used in the professional paint refinishing and detailing industry. 

The Lake Country Hydrotech range consists of the follow grades of pads from Heaviest to Lightest;

Cyan Cutting Pad
Tangerine Polishing Pad
Crimson Finishing Pad

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