• Lake Country Kompressor Gold Jewelling Foam Pad 7"

Lake Country Kompressor Gold Jewelling Foam Pad 7"

Lake Country

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Lake Country
Kompressor 7"
Gold Jeweling


This is the known as the Jeweling Pad.

Jeweling is when you use a buffing pad with no abrasive qualities such as the Lake Country CCS Gold Foam, with a very fine abrasive such as Scholl Concepts S30+ or Menzerna SF4500. You then work the polish until you break down all the abraisve and then continue to refine the lubricants to develop a super high level of gloss and increased clarity.
For those with a Rotary Polisher, this will add a new level of finish to you work. The same process can also be used with the Concours 900 or the Flex XC3401VRG Forced Rotation


The Slotted Face of the foam in the Kompressor Pad allow for the more 'slip' of the pad over the surface. When correcting and enhancing softer paints, they can heat up and soften, therefore becoming sticky to work with. The pad grips more to the paint surface. As the Kompressor Pads allow for more slip you can greatly eliminate sticking, catching and buffer hopping associated with buffing softer paints used on Asian Manufactured Vehicles.


Slotted Pad Face

Constantly adjusts to surface contours providing a more consistent finish (see photo below)
More usable surface area than flat pads
Easy to clean

    Sweet Spot
    Holds polish on pad longer than flat pads
    Extends pad life by reducing foam breakdown
    Less polish sling

      The Lake Country Kompressor range comprises of:
      PURPLE Cutting Pad
      ORANGE Light Cutting Pad
      WHITE Polishing Pad
      GREY Finishing Pad
      RED Ultra Soft Finessing Pad
      GOLD Jeweling Pad