Lake Country Ultra-Fibre Microfibre Pads 4.5/5.5/6.5"

Lake Country


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Lake Country - Ultra-Fibre - Microfibre Pads 4.5/5.5/6.5"

Lake Country's new Ultra-Fibre pad range allow you to remove marring, swirls and scratches simply and quickly, presenting a glossy finish swirl free finish.

The Ultra-fibre Microfibre pad range utilize a dense, looped, high pile microfibre weave matched with two different adhesive systems. The cross linked polyethylene core is used for maximum rigidity and durability. This is a professional grade pad that can take a beating.

Specifically designed for the Random Orbital Polisher, the low profile Ultra-Fibre pad took Lake Country years to perfect with their no compromise approach. The result is microfibre pad that can be used for both compounding and finishing. By allowing compound to coat the entire fiber strands, the ultra-fibre pads result in more compound being worked into the surface defect. The length of microfibre pile and the looped weave add to this when couple by the large orbit or stoke size of the random orbital polisher by working the compound more thoroughly. As microfibre has no physical abrasion alone, the pad also finishes extremely fine.

To get the best out of the Ultra-fibre pads, take the time to prime the pads correctly prior to use. It is also recommend spurring the pad with dense pad cleaning brush or even better, compressed air after each section pass or panel.

Pads can be washed using Aquatouch Microwash, rinsed and allowed to dry before the next use.

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