• Leather Care - Stage 1 - Universal

Leather Care - Stage 1 - Universal

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Stage 1 – Lexol Leather Care

What is in the kit?
- Lexol Leather Cleaner 500ml
- Lexol Conditioner 236ml
- Lexol Applicator Two Pack
- Aquatouch General Purpose Cloth Blue & Yellow

In our Stage One Leather Care Kit you will find a cleaner and conditioner combination that is safe and effective on all types of leather. Let’s take a look. 
The first step is to remove all dirt from the surface. This is very important for leather as dirt and sand acts as an abrasive and grinds the surface. 

The Clean (Remove the Dirt & Stains)
Lexol Leather Cleaner is a pH-balanced leather cleaner that is safe on pigmented/coated and Semi-aniline leathers. Dampen the Lexol Cotton Applicator with wet water and squeeze out the excess. (TIP: have a small bucket or container with warm water available during this step) 
Spray the Applicator with the Leather Cleaner and rub into the leather to loosen and remove dirt and stains from the surface. Work a small area at a time. Once you have completed the entire area ie, seat base, take one of the Aquatouch Microfibre Cloths, lightly dampen the cloth and wipe of any residue from the cleaner on the surface. Allow the surface to dry completely. 

The Conditioner (Restore the Moisture & Softness)
The Lexol Leather Condition is also pH-balanced to replace the moisture into the leather removed over time and during the cleaning process. Apply the Leather conditioner to the applicator and with your finger spread evenly over the surface of the applicator. Gently massage the conditioner into the leather surface. Light application work better than a heavy handed approach. 
Once done, allow 30min for the conditioner to be absorbed into the leather. If the surface still looks matt or dull reapply the application process and allow an additional 30min. After this time, using an Aquatouch Microfibre Cloth, lightly and briskly wipe the leather surface to remove any excess conditioner. Now stand back and enjoy the look, feel and smell of your newly rejuvenated leather!