• Leather Care - Stage 2 - Specialty

Leather Care - Stage 2 - Specialty

WaxIt Car Care

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Stage 2: Speciality 

What is in the kit?
Zaino Z9 Leather Cleaner 236ml
Zaino Z10 Leather Conditioner 236ml OR Scholl Concepts SKIN Leather Gel 250ml
Aquatouch Microfibre General Purpose Cloth Blue
Aquatouch Microfibre General Purpose Cloth Green
Aquatouch Blue Applicator 
Vikan Medium Scrub brush 

What makes this kit different to Stage 1?
While we have extensively tested all the products and combinations of products in our kits we always have to look at what the people want. In terms of Leather Care, Zaino is the most popular. It is easy to use and apply and smells like leather! In fact some people buy this JUST because z10 smells like real leather. In testing we found this to work well on a variety of different leathers, Asian, American and Australian in particularly. 

However, Scholl Concepts, being a German based company, have a product which works brilliantly on European Leather. It seems to be able to be absorbed easier and gives off this smell which is just pleasent to work with. 

Both options are regarded, extremely high quality choices. However, like previously stated we recommnend 

- Scholl Concepts SKIN for European Cars
- Zaino Z10 Conditioner for Asian, American and Australian Cars. 

Cleaning the leather
Zaino Z9 is delicate on your leather, yet powerful enough to remove contaminaents embedded in your leather with the Vikan Scrub brush.

For a maintainance clean - Spray the leather cleaner directly onto your Blue Microfibre cloth. Then rub into the leather to lossen and remove small dirt particles.

For a deeper clean - Spray the leather cleaner directly onto the leather surface and use the Vikan Scrub brush to lightly agitate the surface to remove stains, dirts and other stubborn contaminents. Wipe off with your Blue Microfibre Cloth

Let the surface to completely dry before conditioning.

Amazing Smells and Conditioning Agents in Z10 and SKIN
When the surface is dry, apply a small ammount of z10 or SKIN into your blue microfibre applicator and gently rub across the surface as evenly as possible. Let the conditioner seap into the leather for around 20 minutes, then wipe off excess (if any) residue. Multiple thin layers after letting the surface completely drying is not needed, but can help soften up older and neglected leather. 

The almond oils and bees wax in SKIN will help provide mild protection to your leather to help repel water and light stains, while giving off a terrific smell. Zaino has added Ultra-Guard to its Z10 forumla to help protect from minor potential blemishes as well as protect it from drying out in the sun.