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Microfiber Washing Kit

Some of Waxit's favourite microfiber washing products in an awesome value pack!

The Microfiber Washing Kit is designed to introduce high quality microfiber towels and mitts into your washing phase to help reduce the chances of swirls and marring and help make your washing experience more efficient and safer.

The BigFella and Supercell's unique fibers allow for incredible ease of use, allowing the towel to glide over the surface of the vehicle whilst illustrating high levels of water absorbency. This towel can be used on cars with, or without protection and will surely make your drying process quicker, and easier than ever before!

Cloudburst's strands of the microfiber mitt allow for a much greater surface area than regular short-pile mitts. These twisted strands grab more dirt and debris from the surface of the vehicle, holding it deep within its fibers and safely removing them from your car's surface.

The CarPro DabDab mitt is one of our personal favourites, with super high quality Korean microfiber which makes hand washing a breeze with an easy gliding feel and awesome cleaning power.