New Car Paint Protection Kit

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New Car Paint Protection Kit

Looking for an option to protect the paint, trim and wheels of your vehicle?
Don’t want to be stung by astronomical prices from the dealership or know if the product they are selling is any good?
Confused when reading the fine print of a paint protection warranty or don’t want to have to take your car for an inspection every 6 or 12 months?

The new range of Vehicle Protection Collections from Waxit, makes it easy to protect your paintwork, exterior plastic trim, glass and wheels yourself.

The New Car Paint Protection Kit is based around the CarPro Cquartz UK Edition Coating. A ceramic coating then encases the exterior of your vehicle with a ceramic shield that is harder than the paint itself, assisting in protecting the surface, reducing swirls and stains. The Nano structure of the of the coating creates a very steep contact angle of 110° for liquids, meaning it is very hard for liquid to stick to the surface. This contact angle provides excellent self-cleaning properties and allows for cleaning and washing the car to be a breeze.
What’s in the kit?
The Kit includes
1x CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 500ml
1x Aquatouch Microfibre Wash Mit
1x Concours Clay Lubricant 500ml
1x Concours Clay Bar 100g
1x CarPro Eraser 500ml
2x Aquatouch Super Soft Microfibre Cloth 40x40cm
1x CarPro Cquartz Uk Edition 30ml Kit
2x Aquatouch Microfibre Suede Cloths 40x40cm

Firstly wash and dry the vehicle. Move it out of direct sun light and ensure the panels are cool to touch before proceeding.

Decontamination Stage
The first step is to remove the built up grime, existing wax or polish, organic pollutants and metal fallout (or rail dust) from the surface of the paint. We do this with CarPro Iron X Snow Soap chemically by degreasing, deep cleaning & removal iron particles. We then move to the Concours Clay Bar & Lubricant to mechanically remove any remaining bonded contaminants. This step is generally known as the DECONTAMINATION stage.
Using the pump that came with your products, apply a few squirts of CarPro Iron X Snow Soap onto a wet Aquatouch Wash Mitt. On a panel at a time, gently wipe the undiluted Snow Soap onto the panels. Moving on to the next panel, apply more Iron X Snow Soap to the Wash Mitt and reapply to the paint. Work your way around the vehicle. Allow it to dwell on the surface for 3-5 min without allowing the product to dry, misting the vehicle lightly with water if required. You should notice a colour reaction with many small purple spots appearing. This is ok, it means the Iron X Snow Soap is reacting with metal fallout and dissolving it. After the 3-5 minutes, rinse down the vehicle thoroughly. 

The next process is using the Concours Clay Bar and Lubricant to mechanically remove bonded contamination from the surface. Known as ‘Claying the car’
Cut the clay bar into 3 pieces.
Take one of the pieces and flatten it out into a thin round shape about the size of the palm of your hand.
Place the clay into your hand, holding it just under your fingertips. We place it under our finger tips as the finger tips can apply addition pressure points to the clay and risk scratching the surface.
Spray the clay with clay lubricant and the panel also. The role of the lubricant is to allow the clay to glide on the surface while it shaves and pulls bonded contaminants from the surface.
Gentle apply the clay to the surface and with very light pressure, moving you hand side to side, work the clay over a lubricated area of 40x40cm or the same size as your microfiber cloth. When starting you may hear a slight scratching noise, this is clay sheering the contaminants from the surface, after a few passes, this noise will disappear and you can feel the contaminants have been removed.
Continue this process over the entire vehicle’s paint surface, as well as the glass and windscreen.
Rinse down the vehicle and dry all surfaces. Be mindful to remove all water from any crevices, mirrors, under trim or areas where water can drip from. We do not want water to contact the Cquartz UK Coating in the next step as it will affect its performance.
The vehicle is now DECONTAMINATED and it’s time to move onto the next stage.
NOTE: Now that we have removed everything bonded to the paint’s surface, if required, now is the time to remove any swirls or scratches in the paint. If you are happy with the condition of the paintwork, move on the next step of PROTECTION.
Remove remaining oils 
Before applying the CarPro Cquartz coating we have to make sure that there are no oils on the surface so that the coating can bond directly to the paint. 
CarPro Eraser is an intensive Oil & Polish Residue Remover, and designed to prepare the surface for the Cquartz Coatings. To use, mist the glass, paint, plastic trim, again in an area 40x40cm or the size of the microfiber cloth, with Eraser and wipe down the panel with the purple Aquatouch Super Soft Microfibre cloth. Continue with this procedure around the entire vehicle.
Applying Cquartz UK
Open the packaging of the Cquartz UK Kit and remove the contents. Take out the hard foam applicator with the soft grey foam top as well as the small (10x10cm) suede microfiber applicator squares. Shake the bottle of Cquartz UK for approx. 30 seconds to remix the contents. 
Take one of the small microfiber squares and wrap it over the foam applicator, covering the grey foam side. This will be your applicator for the Cquartz.
Apply 4-5 drops of Cquartz to the cloth applicator.
To gauge the best area size to apply at a time, try to keep in mind roughly a quarter of a door, quarter of a bonnet, half a boot etc. as an example.
Beginning with the front quarter panel, apply the Cquartz, outlining the perimeter of the selected area. Then apply in a vertical, up and down pattern covering the area inside your perimeter. Next, to ensure there has been total coverage, repeat this process on the same area, however this time in the opposite horizontal, size to size pattern covering the area.
Once applied, ideally the best time for removal of the product is as it becomes slightly sticky. We recommend allowing 30 seconds to 1 min after finishing application on a panel. After this time, using one of the larger suede microfiber towels in you kit, remove the Cquartz residue from the panel. Make sure there are no smears on the surface, if required use another fresh suede microfiber cloth to wipe over the area to be sure.
Continue with this process, a panel or section of panel at a time.
After completing the entire vehicle you can choose to reapply another coat. Please allow 1hr before applying another coat.

Protect the Protection
Once your final layer has been completed and you have allowed 1 hour for the coating to bond, we recommend to apply the 100ml CarPro Reload (contained in the CarPro Cquartz UK Kit). This is to protect the coating while it is hardening over next week. 
Simply mist the surface with CarPro Reload and wipe off with a purple Super Soft Microfibre Cloth contained in your kit.   
Once the vehicle is complete we recommend to keep it under cover if possible for at least the next 24 hours, failing that out of the rain. The use of Reload on the surface is to protect the coating while it hardens, however keeping it dry for as long as possible helps.
Do not wash the vehicle with detergent/car wash for the first week. After this enjoy your new coating.
To keep your coating looking and performing its best, wash the vehicle regularly with CarPro Reset Car Shampoo and reapply CarPro Reload to protect your coating. Every 3-4 months you may also want to decontaminate your vehicle with CarPro Iron X Snow Soap as you did in step one prior to applying the coating. This will refresh your coating and keep it looking great.

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