• Pinnacle Black Onyx Tyre Gel

Pinnacle Black Onyx Tyre Gel

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Create a rich, satin finish that will go the distance. Tire dressings typically wear or wash off after only a few days. The initial shine is impressive, but short-lived. For the Pinnacle line, we wanted to create a tire dressing that does more than the status quo and lasts much longer. Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel does not disappoint.

Black Onyx is a thick, gel formula that clings to the tire surface long enough to cure to the rubber. Liquid dressings sling off or rinse off without ever penetrating the rubber. Black Onyx goes beneath the surface to hydrate the rubber to keep it supple, flexible, and black. It actually revitalizes the rubber to prevent the drying, cracking, and fading associated with older tires. Healthy rubber is less likely to blow out or tear, so Black Onyx is also an additional safety measure. Once Black Onyx is on your tires, it stays put.

The super polymer emulsion used in this remarkable formula resists water and detergents. The gel continues to hold on through puddles and washings. A tire product can't work if it washes off, so we made sure Black Onyx would go the distance. It will last weeks, even through several washings, instead of days. Best of all, Pinnacle Black Onyx creates a rich, satin finish on your tires that is not greasy or overly shiny.

We purposely created a semi-gloss formula because tires should accentuate a well-maintained vehicle, not draw attention away from it.

However, if you prefer more shine, Black Onyx can be layered to achieve a glossy effect.

  • Apply a thin, even coat of Black Onyx to a cool tire using an applicator sponge.
  • Only apply enough to moisten the rubber,
  • make sure it does not pool around raised letters or around the edge of the wheel.
  • Allow it to cure for an hour before driving