• Pinnacle Crystal Mist Quick Detailer

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Quick Detailer

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Wax coatings can protect your car's finish for months, but normal driving and washing can diminish that elusive ''sparkle.'' Use Pinnacle Crystal Mist after washing or anytime to bring back that just-waxed shimmer.

Crystal Mist is a blend of super-refined, Brazilian Ivory Carnauba, conditioning oils, and crystalline polymers. Simply spray and wipe to remove harmful, wax-eroding contaminants and restore the depth and clarity of a just-detailed finish. Crystal Mist extends the life of wax coatings. This is not a quick-shine silicone spray.

Every time you use Crystal Mist, you apply a micro-fine layer of protection. Used once a week, Crystal Mist can extend the life of initial carnauba wax coatings to six months or more! We paid particular attention to making Crystal Mist apply evenly and streak-free. Even black and red cars in climates of high heat and humidity buff off easily without cloudy patches or streaks. Most cars can be misted and buffed in 5 to10 minutes. When you're done, it will look like you spent all day detailing your car! (We won't tell!)

Just Spray and Wipe to restore a just-detailed finish! Usage

Tip: Crystal Mist buffs off easily with microfibre towels and the shine is spectacular. Directions for Best Results: As with all wax, be sure to use in a shaded area and on a cool surface. Shake before using. Spray a light mist on clean surface and wipe away using a clean microfibre towel. Spray and wipe a door or guard at a time.

A second misting can be applied after 2 hours for an extra deep gloss. 473ml