Pinnacle XMT Fine SMR

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance


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Pinnacle XMT Fine Swirl Remover is a blend of mild abrasives and lubricating oils that remove light to moderate imperfections on aging paint finishes.

Pinnacle XMT Fine Swirl Remover contains concentrated Micro-Abrasives, which are smaller than the industry average for a swirl removing compound. The smaller abrasives break down into an ultra fine finishing polish as you work them into the paint with your random orbital or rotary polisher. The number and size of these proprietary abrasives enable them to effectively erase surface defects without marring the paint. The abrasives diminish as you polish so the swirl remover in effect becomes a finishing polish. Pinnacle XMT Fine Swirl Remover leaves the paint silky smooth in one step! Pinnacle XMT Fine Swirl Remover is VOC compliant, body shop safe and silicone-free.

Apply XMT Fine Swirl Remover with a white polishing pad on your dual action polisher. Pour a ten cent piece amount of polish onto the pad and set the polisher at a maximum speed of 5000 OPM. Work the polish in until it starts to dry or disappear. Turn the polisher off the buff the paint with a microfiber towel. XMT Fine Swirl Remover has no fillers so you can see the real results of your work immediately.

Follow up with your favorite Pinnacle wax or with Pinnacle XMT Carnauba Finishing Glaze

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