• Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner

Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner

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A pad prepped with Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner is more receptive to polish because the foam's pores open up when the conditioner is introduced. Beyond just wetting the foam, the conditioners lubricants add extra surface protection during the polishing process. The lubricants will blend with those that are in the polish to provide excellent protection against micro-marring. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad ditioner protects the pad itself, as well as the pai

The friction created by dry buffing can tear the foam or cause it to fray. Pre-moistening the foam reduces friction so the pad doesnt experience any unnecessary roughness. This soft touch is better for the paint, too. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner also comes in handy while you're polishing. When the pad is saturated with polish or wax but it seems to be drying out, mist the pad with the conditioner. Just one spray will reactivate the polish that is starting to dry inside the pad. Keeping the product moist within the pad also makes clean-up easier. Most importantly, Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner does not interfere with the performance of any polish or wax. It will not react with any solvents or chemical cleaners found in any polish, and it will not dilute products if used as directed.

Just like any lubricant, XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner will gradually diminish as you polish. If you need one more reason to use Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner, you got it. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner can be used to remove stubborn films from the paint using a microfiber towel. Some polishes and waxes can leave a film, particularly on black and red paint finishes. One spritz will remove the film and wipe to a streak-free shine. Get better results from your polisher and get more mileage from your pads with Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner.

It's the detailers secret to a trouble-free polish.