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Polish Angel | Master Final Polish

Polish Angel Master Final Polish provides a high-gloss finish, whilst removing light imperfections in the paintwork.


Master Final Polish is a premium finishing polish that transforms the surface of any vehicle. Final Polish will remove light imperfections in the paintwork, and is the perfect compound to use following a harsh cutting compound.

It produces a fantastic high-gloss finish that really makes the paintwork's true glory to be showcased. Its unique formula is a masterpiece, making the polishing process so easy and so effective.

Slightly clouded paintwork, holograms, light scratches or oxidation are abolished, and that high-gloss finish is restored - better than it ever came out of the factory. This polish can be applied to any surface, including paintwork, glass, chrome, wheels and varnishes.

Final Master Polish contains no fillers, and is the best choice when finishing your paint.


  • Hand & Machine Polish for polishing lightly weathered paint
  • Wax, grease, oil, and silicone-free - generates wonderful wet gloss
  • No streaks on dark paints - results in a perfectly clean finish
  • Very rich polish for that dream sheen guarantee
  • Does not leave residue on plastic parts
  • Dust-free process
  • Ideal for glass, chrome and plastic surfaces
  • Easy to apply


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Apply by machine or hand
  3. By hand / Use product sparingly and apply in a over lapping circular motion with light to medium pressure.
  4. By machine / We recommend using a medium to fine pad. Apply small amount of polish to pad and spread at low speeds with medium pressure, increase speed and begin working at speeds of 2000-2500rpm with no pressure. Once product is clear reduce speed to burnish your finish.
  5. Buff off with a clean microfiber