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Polish Angel | Flake


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Polishangel Flake is a premium quality carnauba wash that safely and effortlessly washes your vehicle, leaving a deep gloss shine on your vehicle. 


Flake is a highly concentrated wash that allows for safe, yet intensive cleaning on all surfaces. It also uses little water, making it environmentally friendly, and easier to use - using less water than usually required. 

Flake is definitely one of the most advanced washes that we have, including fine carnauba flakes infused in the wash. This allows for a deep, warm gloss to be instilled onto the paintwork, leaving no water or lime spots. 

A safe, and effective way to wash your car, whilst deeply enhancing your vehicles glow. 



  • Unique carnauba wash with real carnuaba flakes. 
  • No water spots
  • Perfect for all colours
  • Leaves no residue on plastics, or other delicate surfaces
  • Contains 50% of premium grade carnauba 



  1. Rinse loose dirt off the vehicle through the use of a hose or pressure washer, or utilise a foaming pre-wash
  2. Mix 30mL of FLAKE in a bucket with 8-10 litres of warm water
  3. Hand wash the vehicle from top the bottom
  4. Rinse off the remaining product off the surface
  5. Dry the car


Pro Tip: Every few minutes, stir the water until it is nice and milkly, and if possible use lukewarm water. This will ensure the carnauba is mixed into the wash, and will evenly be applied on your vehicle, allowing you to achieve that deep gloss shine!