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Polish Angel | Glissante

Polishangel Glissante is a concentrated, gentle shampoo that effortlessly maintains the sealing layer of the vehicle.


Glissante a maintenance wash, specifically designed to effortlessly remove contaminants, and help rejuvenate and protect the sealing layer. Special polymer compositions target impurities, and discards them in the car washing process, making Glissante incredibly effective, and safe. Glissante also contains a special carnauba component, that not only helps maintain the sealing layer, but rejuvinates, and enhances your finish. Glissante also has an additive that helps remove water from staying on the surface of the vehicle, drastically minimising the chance of any water spotting. The perfect wash to maintain your vehicle.


  • Highly effective concentrated shampoo
  • pH Neutral FOrmula
  • Carnuaba additive helps rejuvenate and maintain sealed surfaces
  • Provides a deep gloss finish
  • Promotes enhanced protection to the surface


  1. Rinse loose dirt off the vehicle through the use of a hose or pressure washer, or utilise a foaming pre-wash
  2. Mix 30mL of GLISSANTE in a bucket with 8-10 litres of warm water
  3. Hand wash the vehicle from top the bottom
  4. Rinse off the remaining product off the surface
  5. Dry the car