Polish Angel | Aqua



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Polishangel AQUA is a pH neutral wash with a luxurious fragrance, that allows you to safely clean and protect your vehicle. It has been made specifically to ensure the smoothest and safest wash possible, containing a carnauba gel paste for a deep, glossy finish.


Aqua is a nourishing, pH neutral wash that has been enriched with a carnauba paste that has a luxurious fragrance. Aqua has been specially formulated to ensure the washing process is both effective, and safe - all whilst being incredibly effective. 
It will allow your wash mitt to glide easily over the surface, making the whole processing much more easier and enjoyable. It will maintain any wax, sealant or coating, and will leave the paintwork with an increased gloss and depth. 
A fantastic wash for someone who truly cares for their pride & joy. 



  • pH neutral formulation
  • Contains a unique carnauba gel paste, for perfect smoothness, and a deep finish
  • Rich gloss that transforms any colour
  • Contains no acidic components
  • Highly effective concentrated shampoo
  • Incredibly safe to use
  • Nourishes, conditions and protects



  1. Rinse loose dirt off the vehicle through the use of a hose or pressure washer, or utilise a foaming pre-wash
  2. Mix 30mL of AQUA in a bucket with 8-10 litres of warm water
  3. Hand wash the vehicle from top the bottom
  4. Rinse off the remaining product off the surface
  5. Dry the car

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