• Polish Angel | Glaycolic Cleansing Bar

Polish Angel | Glaycolic Cleansing Bar


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Polishangel Glaycolic is a fine, high quality grade clay bar that is perfect for ensuring a safe claying process.


Glaycolic Cleansing Bar ensures the perfect preparation for transforming your vehicle. Glaycolic is a high quality clay bar that is intensively defined with a balanced hardness.

Glaycolic will effortlessly remove all surface contamination without damaging the painted surfaces. The perfect clay bar for ensuring performance and safety.




  • Removes tar, rust, industrial fallout, insects, and other stubborn contamination
  • Cleans all surfaces, such as glass, paint, metal and palstics
  • Soft, smooth and glossy results
  • Scratch free
  • Will not brittle and remain soft 


Spray Polish Angel Baby or another clay lubricant on the contaminated paint surface and run the clay with light pressure over the surface until smooth and free of contamination.