• POLISHANGEL | Super Sport PTFE 100/200/500ml

POLISHANGEL | Super Sport PTFE 100/200/500ml


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  • ✓ Extremely easy application
  • ✓ Heat-resistant wheel coating
  • ✓ Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces
  • ✓ Can be used on top of other protection or by itself
  • ✓ Incredible gloss 


SUPERSPORT | spray wheel coating is an easy-to-use wheel coating for all types of wheel finishes. The heat-resistant coating contains a special blend of PTFE (like a non stick pan) & titanium oxide (What is used in glass coating paint protection) to oppose any chemicals, rust, tar, salts. It makes it harder for brake dust to adhere and makes cleaning the wheels effortless.

For this quick spray coating, durability is around 2-3 Months


The application is extremely easy! Can be applied to dry or wet surfaces!

  1. Clean surface to be applied SUPERSPORT is to be applied to with mint+ or other decontaminating wheel cleaners such as (CarPro Iron x or Scholl Concepts Rim 7) 
  2. Dry the wheel for optimal results before applying for your first use. (As a top up it can be applied to a wet wheel surface)
  3. Spray SUPERSPORT onto a microfiber cloth or directly on the wheel surface and spread thin & evenly.
  4. With a second cloth remove any left over residue after product has been applied to the wheel
  5. It completely cures in 1-2 hours