Poly-Lack Nano Clean+ All in One 500ml/1L/5L

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Poly-Lack - Nano Clean+ - All in One 500ml/1L/5L


Poly-Lack NANO Clean+ is setting a new benchmark for concourse quality paintwork treatment and care.

Quick, Easy to Use, Effective and Long Lasting. In this one product you have a non-abrasive surface cleaner, tar remover, rust dissolver and high gloss paint sealer.

Using the latest Nano Technology, Poly-Lack's synthetic Polyethylene/Acrylic formula provides your paintwork with a micro fine coating to protect against UV rays, environmental pollutants and extreme temperatures. It provides a slick high gloss finish that resists general dirt and road grime build up.

Made in Germany, Poly-Lack Nano Clean+ is very durable and resistant against the aggressive cleaning nature of detergents as well. It provides surface protection for months. For even greater shine, gloss and protection.

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